The year is 1869, Abraham Lincoln has been dead for 4 years and the newly elected Uysses S Grant presides from the White House over a still incomplete America. A 22-year-old Thomas Edison has amazed the masses with his first functioning light bulb, and, in the Utah Territory, the Golden Spike connects the Union Pacific and Central Pacific lines creating the first Transcontinental Railroad.

The Indian wars are being waged across the west and while a young Lieutenant Colonel Custer is gaining a reputation for himself as an Indian fighter the war chief Cochise leads his Apache on ever successful raids, the sound of his horses, some say, are preceded by a chorus of otherworldly voices and the crashing of thunder from clear blue skies.

In Europe a 32-year old Queen Victoria and her allies keep a tenuous hold over their empires in the midst of the great crisis but, as yet, here in America, the dead not walk the earth and it is a rare event for a changeling to be found in the crib of a human child. But these are distant tales of distant lands and though all educated people will admit to the existence of the arcane (and the sensitives will tell you we are in a time of awakening) true magic has only recently made it’s presence known in America and even then it seems a thing of the east coast cities where the immigrants flood in by their thousands. Indeed, the further west one travels the less one hears tales about conjured spirits and most practicing “thaumaturgians” are little more slight of hand men and con artists. Still … rumors abound and tales of monsters persist even beyond the dime “blood and thunder” novels of the day.

The American west, is ruled by blood an iron. Iron in the form of mining tools, railroads and guns and blood in the form of those who wield them to their own ends. It is a time of grit, hope, and unbound courage mixed with fear, superstition and deceit. The law, such as it is, is scarce at best and most live and die by their own sense of honor, their wits and their speed with a Colt Peacemaker™.



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