Humans are by far the most prevalent race with all others a rarity in the Old West. Indeed, certain races are not even prevalent enough to be worth mentioning (not viable as player characters) while others are only just now taking a foothold in The new world. By contrast humans are everywhere and characters can play a human that is native to America, or an immigrant from anywhere in the world.  


The American west is a harsh world and combined with ignorance, breeds mistrust of anything not "normal". Non human races have had to learn and adapt to the realities with anyone “Non Hum’n Lookin” learning to hide his nature or deal with deal with the consequences.

HOUSE RULE: Non human races with a (d) beside their name automatically gain Proficiency in "Disguise (Human)” – basically being able to effect one disguise — passing as human. 

From The Players Handbook:

Elf (d) – Elves are not native to the Americas. You are a recent immigrant from Europe. 
Half Elf (d) – Born in America (1st generation) or recent immigrant from Europe.

Halfling – Halflings are not native to the Americas. You are a recent immigrant from England. Note: Halflings have no ability to hide who they are so have to find other coping strategies.
Dwarf – Dwarves are not native to the Americas. You are a recent immigrant from Europe. Dwarves come from all over Europe but tend to be German. Like Halflings, Dwarves are unable to hide their nature but are, by far, the most accepted of the non-human races. There's just something about their gruff approach and industrious grit that strikes a chord with the American spirit.  
Dragonborn (d) – Dragonborn are not native to the Americas. You are a recent 
immigrant from China. While European Dragons (and Dragonborn) are known to exist they are, without exception, staying in their ancestral lands. Some conjecture they are unable to leave, trapped by the great crisis there. Chinese Dragonborn have recently arrived in America with workers from those lands. Their motivations are as mysterious as their looks and, when revealed they are almost universally mistrusted. Note: your disguise is magical – you are able to appear human for a time but it requires concentration. You revert to your regular form when agitated or distracted.

From Volo's Guide to Monsters:

Tabaxi (d) – Native American – Your people are descendant of cat spirits native to the Americas. You look like a cross between a human and a mountain lion.
Firbolg (d) – Native to the Canadian northwest and the Yukon. These nature loving giants have recently begun to descend en-masse into the American territories – no one knows why.
Goliaths – Native to Europe and America. Once thought to be exclusive to the Swiss alps, scattered settlements have recently been discovered in the Rockies and solitary individuals have been known ti travel in the lowlands. Note: Though not blind to the overt racism around them it would never occur to a Goliath to hide their nature. Let them come.
Yuan Ti (d)  – Born in America (1st generation) or recent immigrant from South America. Note 1: Players are Yuan Ti purebloods –  the most human looking of the raceNote 2: as a race Yuan Ti are largely sociopathic. This does not make them necessarily evil, just unable to feel emotions, especially for other living beings.
Hobgoblin (d*) – Hobgoblins are not native to the Americas. You are a recent immigrant from Japan. You have been disgraced in some way and have been banished here or are on a mission. Note: Hobgoblins are bound by a harsh martial code but are also extremely aggressive and most are evil. * Though physically able to pass for human, most Hobgoblins’ code of honor would not allow them to disguise who they are. This is left to the players discretion. 


The following races are not common enough in the old west to be used as player characters:
Half Ork, Kenku, Lizardfolk, Tritons, Goblins, Orks, Bugbear, Kobold, Aasimar, Tiefling, Gnome




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